Countless Americans are outraged as the details of the alleged actions of illegal immigrant Edis Moya Alas emerge. Many think the ultimate punishment is required.

Edis Moya Alas is a 35-year-old from El Salvador who illegally entered the United States. He has been charged with kidnapping a six-year-old child from her home. He dragged her through a forest and into a Fort Worth park where he proceeded to rape her.

It is still unclear whether the girl was abducted from her home while she was sleeping on the living room couch, or if she stumbled out of the house and passed by Edis Moya Alas early Saturday morning.

A passerby called the police after they heard a child screaming in the woods near the Fort Worth park. When the police officers arrived they began calling for the girl, who immediately ran to them.

Edis Moya Alas was also found in the woods behind Titus Park by police. He surrendered after the officers were able to surround him.

Authorities have placed an immigration hold on the accused. If released, it is unlikely that he will appear before a court.

Deportation does not work. The horrific deaths of Dominic Durden, Nikki Schermock, Kate Steinle, Joshua Wilkerson, Shayley Estes, Krikit Zepeda, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, Officer Kevin Will, and countless others verify this. They were all murdered by illegal immigrants who had returned after deportation.

This is not some isolated event — despite the claims of the mainstream media. We NEED the wall!

The mother of the six-year-old victim said the alleged rapist is a complete stranger, unknown to the family. Relatives, neighbors, and friends held a prayer vigil for the child.

The worst part: the rapist should have been booted from our country long ago! He was arrested on drug charges two years before the assault occurred. It is still unclear why he was still in the country. However, it is clear that this poor girl and her family have suffered due to our lax stance on illegal immigration, especially towards those who are known criminals. America should be better than this. No one is safe if our border is not secure.

Thankfully, President Trump has already begun to stem the tide of illegal immigration. The Democrats need to stop disrupting the president so he can deport the criminals who should have NEVER been here in the first place, and KEEP them out!

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