Kavanaugh Accuser’s Husband Breaks His Silence, Exposes ‘Sick Issue’ His Wife Has

Over the weekend, Christine Blasey Ford’s husband finally broke his silence, exposing his wife’s “issue.” It’s not looking good for the liberal professor as she prepares to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

According to Russell Ford, his wife Christine has long had issues with not getting “the attention or respect she felt she deserved.” She’s certainly getting a lot of attention now, which calls into question the validity of her claims that Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her during a drunken high school party 36-years-ago. Were Christine Ford’s unbelievable accusations rooted in her incessant need for attention all along?

“She didn’t always get along with her parents because of differing political views,” Russell Ford told The Washington Post. “It was a very male-dominated environment. Everyone was interested in what’s going on with the men, and the women are sidelined, and she didn’t get the attention or respect she felt she deserved. That’s why she was in California, to get away from the D.C. scene.”

Hmmm… An issue with those who have “differing political views”? A burning desire for “the attention or respect she felt she deserved”? Sounds like exactly the type of person who might randomly come out of the woodwork to accuse a well-respected judge of an attempted rape from more than three and a half decades ago just as he is nominated to the Supreme Court by a Republican president.

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News flash: Respect isn’t something given. Respect must be earned.

Coincidentally, Ford could learn quite a bit from Brett Kavanaugh where respect is concerned. Kavanaugh is among the most respected judges in the country. He has earned that reputation thanks to years and years of hard work, an impeccable character, and infallible integrity.

Because of this, more than five dozen women who have known Kavanaugh since high school penned a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee vouching for the judge’s character. Moreover, women who have worked with Kavanaugh over the years have nothing bad to say about him. He is always the perfect gentleman and a pillar of impartiality on the bench. He would be the perfect addition to the Supreme Court, to be sure.

Ford, on the other hand, is the bane of university students unfortunate enough to be seated in her class. Her reviews on prove as much. “Christine ford is the worst educator I have ever experienced,” one student wrote. “Avoid taking her class and avoid any interaction with this person. I feel like she has something wrong with her and I am surprised no one has caught this.”

“Prof. Ford is unprofessional, lacks appropriate filters, and I am honestly scared of her,” wrote another student. “She’s made comments both in class and in e-mails, if you cross her, you will be on her bad side. I fear to think of the poor clients that had to deal with her while she got her MSW and her LCSW. Absolutely the worst teacher I ever had.”

With the validity of Christine Blasey Ford’s rape claims already in question, her husband’s remarks to The Washington Post serve as the nail in the coffin of her credibility. What we have here is an entitled brat who grew up with every privilege in the world, and even all that was not good enough for her.

So she high-tailed it to California — where all liberal dreams come true — when she didn’t feel like she was getting enough attention for being female. Harsh? Perhaps. But just because the truth hurts doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be told.

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