After Reporters Interrupt Him at UN Meeting, Trump Leaves Their Jaws on The Floor

President Trump is attending the United Nations General Assembly this week where he will rub shoulders with other world leaders.

These leaders are likely nervous due to having to face Trump in tough negotiations if they want to do business with the United States of America.

Trump has had a busy few days in New York giving speeches and meeting with these leaders.

During a press conference with Iván Duque Márquez, the president of Colombia, on Tuesday, Trump was answering questions about the topics at hand when he was interrupted by a rude reporter asking about Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump immediately silenced the crowd and unleashed hellfire on them for being part of the left wing media determined to slander a wonderful judge due to partisan politics.

“I think he is just a wonderful human being. I think it’s horrible what the Democrats have done. It’s a con game they play; they are con artists. … They’re lousy politicians. … They’re good at one thing – OBSTRUCTING. … [Kavanaugh] has never had any charges like this. Charges come up from 36 years ago, that are totally unsubstantiated? … This is a con game being played by the Democrats. … It’s a shame you can do this to a person’s life. … It would be a horrible insult to this country if this doesn’t happen. … It cannot be allowed to happen.”

Democrats will continue to drag Judge Kavanaugh through the mud but we have to stand up and fight for him and for this country! SHARE this if you support Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court!

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